To view and interact with a Vv, the Visual Vocal mobile app offers an immersive virtual reality experience, for information on viewing Vvs in the mobile app, see our article Viewing a Vv in VR

If you want to view your Vv online, we have added support for this. Before attempting to follow these steps, please make sure that your Vv has been published. 

1. Navigate to

2. A screen will prompt you to enter a Vv ID. Type in the 7-digit Vv ID that was assigned to your Vv. This can be found in the mobile app or in the online authoring portal. 

3. The Vv will open to your Home Scene! Click and drag on within the Scene to adjust your view, scroll to zoom in and out, and simply click on Hotspots and Teleporters to activate them. You can interact with the Vv, listen to annotations, etc. in this online viewing space.