These instructions are geared to people who are well versed in using both SketchUp and V-Ray. These instructions are meant to help you optimize your workflow so that you can produce 360 stereo panoramas that work well with the Visual Vocal web portal and mobile VR application.

For information on what kinds of image files you should upload, including recommended resolutions, refer to the article, Acceptable Image Formats.

NOTE: The preferred rendering output type for V-Ray is a "Side - By - Side" stereo 12x1 cubemap.

1. Open the V-Ray Asset Editor by choosing Extensions → V-Ray → Options from the menu, or by clicking on the Asset Editor icon in the toolbar.

2. Click on the Settings tab (it has a "gear" style icon).

3. Open the Renderer section and make sure the Interactive renderer is set to OFF

4. Open the Camera section and set the camera type to "VR Spherical Panorama"

5. Open the "Render Output" section and set the "Image Width" to 4096

  • NOTE: As of Spring 2018 the Visual Vocal system only supports the "Side - By Side" configuration.
  • NOTE: when you choose "Side - By - Side" the output file will have dimensions of 12299x1024 which is the result of having two strips, each made up of six 1024x1024 tiles. These strips are then composited next to each other. This is also referred to as a "12x1 stereo spherical panorama."

6. Here's all the rendering settings together:

7. Render the scene by choosing Extensions → V-Ray → Render from the menu or clicking on the "Render" button in the toolbar

8. If you have everything setup correctly, including lights, your render buffer should have content arranged like the following

    This screenshot shows a "Side - By - Side" layout, otherwise known as "12x1 stereo cubemap."

9. In the V-Ray Frame Buffer window, click the floppy disk button to save the completed render as a JPEG file.

10. When you import a V-Ray "12x1 stereo cubemap" into a Vv, it will automatically be recognized as an image of type "STEREO VRAY/GearVR/Oculus cubemap, left-right".

For more information about the SketchUp product, please refer to:

 For more information about V-Ray render settings, please refer to: