The Visual Vocal web authoring portal allows you to view all of your projects and Vvs in one place. Upon login, you will be taken to your Projects screen, where you can see all projects you have been invited to or have created as a content creator. 

My Workspace: This is a user-level playground project where you can play around with authoring and editing Vvs! Vvs created in your playground will not be visible to other users. If you want to share a Vv that you created in your Workspace, simply duplicate the Vv into another project and invite your end-users. For more information on My Workspace, see our article What is My Workspace?

Sandbox: The Sandbox is an organization-level playground where you can work on projects together with everyone in your organization! By default, projects in the Sandbox are visible to everyone within your organization. For more information on the Sandbox, see our article What is a Sandbox Project?

To navigate to a Vv within a project, simply click the tag and select the Vv that you wish to view/edit. The Vv tags will display name, phase (editing or published), the last modification date for this Vv, and, if published, the Vv ID that can be used to distribute it. 

Please note that adding Voice+Gaze Annotations to your Vv must be done in the Visual Vocal mobile app.