Live meetings with Visual Vocal are a great way to collaborate in real-time with multiple stakeholders on a project. For more information on hosting a live meeting, see Hosting a Live Meeting

There are several options available to meeting hosts to customize the meeting settings, these customization options are shown if you press the gear icon in the meeting home screen, highlighted below. 

Disable inking for attendees: By default, meeting attendees can press and hold on their screen while adjusting their gaze and the path of their reticle (the box in the center of their view) will be shown. Selecting this option disables meeting attendees from drawing in the view. 

Hide UI for attendees: By default, all meeting attendees can see where everyone else is looking (where their reticle is pointing in the Vv) displayed by a dot with the attendees name underneath. By selecting this option, you can disable this feature for attendees. 

Show me where all attendees are looking: Select  this option if you (the host) want to be able to see where all of your attendees are looking. 

Shrink UI: Select this option to reduce the size of the reticle box in the center of the view.