Pro Tip! Finalize the construction of your Vv in the Web Authoring Portal before you switch to the Mobile App to add annotations. After you add annotations, you're ready to publish the Vv! 

Part of the power of a Visual Vocal interactive experience is that content creators can record voice, gaze, and interaction annotations for each scene in a Vv. These annotations serve to:

  • give warmer, human feel to the panoramic content
  • guide end-users as to what aspects of a design to pay attention to

When a recording is made within the context of a hotspot, the following is added as an annotation:

  • the content creator's voice,
  • where the content creator is looking, indicated via a colored reticle that follows the creator's gaze
  • interactions the content creator makes, such as selecting different variations within a hotspot

To add a Voice+Gaze Annotation

  1. Navigate to the Visual Vocal mobile app and open your desired Vv. Keep in mind that the Vv must be in editing mode in order to add annotations.
  2. Locate the Scene and Hotspot where you want to add annotations. By hovering your reticle over the Hotspot, or by selecting Add Annotation, the Hotspot square will display a red recording icon in the top right corner. 
  3. Hover your reticle over the icon to begin recording and tell your intended audience what aspects of the content merit attention. While recording, press and hold anywhere on the screen to draw on elements using your reticle. If you activate different variants while recording, the user will also see these variants when selected. 
  4. When you are done, again hover over the record icon to end the recording. 
  5. You have to then upload your annotations to the Visual Vocal server by activating the "Upload Annotations" button located near the bottom of your display