Teleporters are placed within Scenes and take the user to a different Scene within the Vv. For example, if you are creating a Vv to show the design of a college campus, you may have a Scene standing in the center of campus. To transport the user to a Scene within one of the buildings, a Teleporter can be placed on the door of that building. When the user selects that Teleporter in VR, they will be taken to the Scene within the building. The viewpoint that the user sees when transported to the new Scene can also be set within the Teleporter. 

To create a Teleporter:

  1. Launch the Vv Web Portal and navigate to your desired Vv
  2. Find the Scene in the Vv that you want to place a Teleporter inside of (the FROM scene)
  3. Underneath the Scene, you will see a list of all available teleporters that can be placed within this scene (essentially this is a list of every other scene in the Vv, because you may place a teleporter to ANY scene except for the one you are standing in).
  4.  Locate the Scene that you want your users to Teleport INTO and click Place. You can also set the Point of View of the Teleporter, which determines what direction the user is facing when they initially Teleport to the new scene. Make sure to save your changes!