Variations can be added to a Hotspot to show the user different images of the design. Variations can be used in a multitude of ways:  

  • show different geometric configurations of an interior, such as different locations for a stairwell
  • show different overlay information such as walking traffic or energy usage
  • show different representations such as see-through, electrical systems, or just walls

Each Variation image should be rendered/taken from the same position that the Scene image was produced.


To add Variations to a Hotspot, follow these instructions. In this example, we will use Variants to show users three different cross-bracing options for a new building.

  1. Open your Vv in the Online Authoring Portal
  2. Find the Scene that you want to add Variations to. You will need to create a Hotspot in the Scene to hold these Variations. Click the +Add Hotspot button under the desired Scene. 
  3. The first Variation is automatically filled in with the original Scene image. 
  4. To add a description to the first Variation, select the image. In this example, the original image represents a design decision of cross bracing every floor, so we will add that to the description and save the Variation
  5. Now it's time to upload your different design options. Select V2, next to the original image, and upload a different image from your device. For this example, the second Variation shows cross bracing every 3 floors. We will add that to the description and save this Variation.
  6. To add another Variant, select V3 in the Hotspot. We currently support adding up to four Variations!
  7. After you are done adding Variants, don't forget to place your Hotspot within the Scene!