The Visual Vocal Mobile App is automatically configured to work with the Homido Mini. This article will outline how to configure the app to work with different VR viewers.  

Google has conveniently listed a bunch of alternative VR viewer smartphone attachmentsVisual Vocal works great with these too, especially as our application does not require you to tap on the screen when in virtual reality mode.

To configure the app to work with a different VR viewer, follow these steps.

  1. Launch the Visual Vocal mobile app and open any Vv in VR mode
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen 
  3. The first option that appears is Switch Viewer. This will also display the name of the VR viewer your app is currently configured with. Select this option. 
  4. This will open your device's camera application. Find the QR code on your VR viewer and scan this code with the camera. Your app will now be automatically configured to work with your VR viewer!

For detailed information on configuring VR viewer smartphone attachments, sometimes known as Google Cardboard, refer to Google's Cardboard page.

Visit this third party website that lists QR calibration codes for a broad set of VR viewer attachments. 

NOTE: we can not guarantee that this third party information is up-to-date.