Before a new collaborator can begin viewing and interacting with Vvs, they must create a Visual Vocal account. When you add a collaborator to your Project or Team, they will automatically receive an email with a link to sign up. If a collaborator you invited to a Project or a Team failed to receive an email invitation, follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. Depending on the user’s email settings, our invitation emails may end up in their junk or spam folder. Ask your collaborator to check their junk or spam folder for the invitation.

  2. Sometimes invitee email addresses are mis-typed by the inviter. Verify that your collaborator’s email address is correct in the Visual Vocal web authoring portal Project or Team. If the email address was entered incorrectly, you will have to delete the user and then re-add them with the correct email address. 

  3. It’s also possible that the email was lost in transit or rejected by the recipient’s email server. You can attempt to resend an invitation, by clicking “Edit” next to your collaborator’s name when you hover over it in the Visual Vocal web authoring portal Project or Team..

                    A pop-up dialog will appear that allows you resend your invitation by selecting “Resend Invite”.    

  1. If all else fails, contact Visual Vocal support by selecting the “Help” or “Chat” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Visual Vocal web authoring portal or by emailing