Pro Tip! Create your Vv where your images are located to simplify the uploading process. If your panoramic images are on your smartphone, use the Visual Vocal mobile app. If they are on your desktop, use the Online Authoring portal! 

Each Scene in your Vv should be representative of a geographic location. A Scene is created using a 180° or 360° panoramic image, which can be captured using a panoramic camera or rendered from a 3D modeling software. Hotspots, Variants, and Annotations can be added to Scenes to assist the user in interacting with your design. 

To create a Scene in your Vv, simply click the +Add Scene button in the web portal or mobile app and select a panoramic image from your device.

Each Vv has a Home Scene, indicated by the home icon next to the Scene in the web portal. The Home Scene is the first scene that your users will see when they open the Vv.