This article will outline the steps for creating a simple Vv and is intended to familiarize users with Vv authoring.

 Step 1: Capturing Content 

The simplest way to capture content for use in a Vv is to use the Google Cardboard Camera mobile app on your smartphone. If you do not yet have the app, download it on the App Store or Google Play. 

Launch the Google Cardboard Camera application and capture a panoramic image of your surroundings. After your image processes, you can select this panoramic photo and export it to your device's Camera Roll. 

Repeat this process as many times as you'd like. Each panoramic image you capture serves as a Scene in your Vv!

Step 2: Uploading Content into a Vv

A Vv can be created and edited in the Vv Web Portal or Mobile App. For this tutorial, we will create the Vv in the mobile app and upload Google Cardboard Camera images directly from your device's Camera Roll. Then we will move over to the Web Portal to organize our Vv content.

Launch the Visual Vocal Mobile app and navigate to My Vvs. Select the green button at the top of the screen that says +Create New Vv. You will need to select a project for this Vv to be created inside. The default option is My Workspace, a project created for every Visual Vocal user that serves as your personal playground for authoring Vvs. For more information on My Workspace, please refer to this article.

Give your Vv a name and (optional) description and you are ready to begin! 

By clicking the +Add Scene button, the app will open your device's Camera Roll. Select one of the images we exported from the Google Cardboard Camera and your first scene will be created! Repeat this process for as many images as you captured in step 1. 

Step 3: Adding Vv elements 

Now your Vv should look a little something like this. By tapping on a Scene, you can view and edit its properties, such as changing the scene name or adding a Hotspot. For more information on adding Hotspots, visit this article - Hotspots.

Once you have added a Hotspot, try recording a Voice+Gaze Annotation to give your Vv a more human feel! You can do this by selecting Preview, opening the Hotspot by holding your reticle over it, and hovering over the record button. 

After you've added some Annotations, save your Vv and upload it to the cloud! Now we will head over to the online authoring portal to add some Teleporters and more Variations