The Visual Vocal mobile app allows you to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewing experience for your design project. All you will need to immersively view a Vv in the app is an attachable VR viewer. The app is pre-configured to work with the Homido Mini VR viewer. To configure the app for different VR viewers, please see Configuring the App for Different VR Viewers. If you do not have a VR viewer, please see Turning off VR.

The Visual Vocal app comes with several sample Vvs that all users have access to. We recommend that users explore these sample Vvs to familiarize themselves with the different elements of a Vv before creating their own. 

  1. To access the sample Vvs, launch the Visual Vocal mobile app and navigate to Samples
  2. Download the content of any sample Vv onto your smartphone by pressing the Download button. 
  3. After the Vv content downloads, the Open button will become active. Pressing this button will open the Vv in VR mode. 
  4. Attach your Homido Mini VR Viewer to your smartphone, lining up the center of the viewer with the line that splits the screen. Bring your smartphone up to your eyes and enjoy the immersive virtually reality experience! 

Pro Tip! The blue square at the center of your view in VR is called your Reticle. Move your Reticle over different icons in the Vv to explore what they do!