In addition to supporting asynchronous collaboration, Visual Vocal also enables multiple people to simultaneously explore an immersive set of content by hosting live meetings in the Visual Vocal mobile app. 

Before you can host a meeting with a Vv, that Vv must be published. Unlike with asynchronous Vvs, you do not, in the web portal, need to invite anyone to the project associated with the Vv. Meeting attendees will be invited on an ad-hoc basis once it's time for the meeting to start.

To host a new meeting: 

  1. Open the Visual Vocal mobile app and navigate to My Vvs. 

  2. Your published Vvs will have a Host button that will allow you to use that Vv to host a live meeting. If the Host button is disabled, make sure that the content for the Vv is downloaded onto your device by tapping the Download button.

  3. Once the Host button is tapped, your meeting will be generated and the meeting home screen will be shown

Inviting meeting attendees: 

There are several ways to invite attendees to join your meeting, both in person and remotely. 

  • If this is an in-person meeting, attendees simply must open the Visual Vocal mobile app and the home screen will automatically begin listening for Vv Sonic Pairing. In your meeting home screen, tap Use Vv Sonic Pairing and your phone will send out an audio ID that will automatically add listening devices to the meeting. 

    • Visual Vocal mobile app home screen, by default listening for sonic pairing 

  • You can also add attendees to a live meeting by sharing the Vv ID, which is shown in the meeting home screen with a Share icon. Attendees can enter the Vv ID into the Vv home screen, and they will be automatically added to your meeting.  

Once your attendees have joined the meeting, you will be able to see a list of their names in the meeting home screen