Throughout the life cycle of your project, you may need to collect feedback from different people at different phases of the design process. Project Owners can invite new users to their project using the steps outlined below. 

  1. Begin by logging in to the Visual Vocal web portal and navigating to your desired project. Selecting the People tab will show a list of users associated with your project. 
  2. Selecting the + Person button will display a form prompting you to enter the person's email address.
  3. After entering a valid email address, the rest of the form will display, prompting you to enter the person's full name, company name, and user role. 
  4. Ensure all of the information is entered correctly, and Invite. Visual Vocal will send an email to this person inviting them to join your project. NOTE: The user MUST use the email address they were invited to the project at to create their account. 

For instructions on how to change a user's role, please see Changing a User's Role