There are two phases that occur during the life cycle of a Vv, editing and published. The current phase of your Vv is indicated in the project information and can be seen in the Web Portal and Mobile App. 

The current phase of your Vv affects user privileges and the ability for project owners to edit content and add annotations. 

Editing: Once a Vv is created, it begins in the editing phase. During this phase, project owners are the only ones with access to the Vv. Viewers and stakeholders may have been invited to the project and created a Visual Vocal account, but they will not be able to see the contents of a Vv until it has been published by the project owner. 

Published: Once the project owner publishes a Vv, it becomes read-only and the content can no longer be edited. The Vv is assigned a 7 digit Vv ID, which can be used to share the Vv. For more information on Vv IDs, see Vv IDs. Users who have been added to the project as viewers and stakeholders will now be able to see the contents of the Vv when they log into their Visual Vocal account. Stakeholders will also have the ability to leave feedback. If a project owner wants to edit the Vv after it is published, they must duplicate the Vv using the Duplicate button on the web portal and edit the new, duplicate copy.