Once your Vv is published, it will automatically be assigned a Vv ID. A Vv ID is a unique 7-character code specific to your Vv that allows you to effortlessly share and access Vvs. However, since Vv IDs are public by default, anyone with the 7-character code can view your content. 

However, if your Vv contains sensitive content, there are some simple steps you can take to secure your Vv ID and manage who has access. To manage the security of your Vv, launch the Visual Vocal app and navigate to My Vvs. Each Vv will have a lock icon. Touch this icon to view the different security options for your Vv ID. 

  • Unsecured Vv ID: This is the default option that is chosen when you publish your Vv. Anyone with your Vv ID can access the content of this Vv.

  • Add Password: By choosing this option, you will be able to add a password to protect your Vv ID. Anyone who is trying to access your Vv with your Vv ID must also correctly enter the password to gain access. Your password can be changed at any time by changing the security to Unsecured Vv ID and immediately changing it back to a password protected Vv, with your new password. 

  • Change to Secure Access: This is the most secure option, which only allows users to access your Vv if they are logged into their Visual Vocal account AND they have been added to your project as a Viewer/Stakeholder. For more information on inviting users to your project, see our article on Inviting Users to your Project.