The Visual Vocal software gives users access to both a mobile app and a web portal, each with different capabilities for customizing and presenting your Vv. In order to create a dynamic Vv that tells a story to end users, we recommend combining the functionality of the web portal and the mobile app to take advantage of all of the features Vv has to offer. 

Vv Feature

Mobile App

Web Portal

Add Scenes

Place 1 Hotspot within a Scene

Place multiple Hotspots within a Scene

Add voice+gaze annotations to a Hotspot

Place Teleporters and set POV

Add Variations to a Hotspot

Adjust the Home Scene

Depending on how you are capturing your content and where your panoramic images are stored, you may want to begin creating and organizing scenes on either the web portal or mobile app. 

  • If you are using your smartphone to capture panoramic images using the Google Cardboard Camera application, the easiest way to export the images is to your device’s camera roll. In the Visual Vocal mobile app, you can upload photographs to scenes directly from your camera roll.

  • If you are using a dedicated panoramic camera to capture your images, these cameras are typically paired with a mobile app that will allow you to export the images directly to your camera roll. In the Visual Vocal mobile app, you can upload photographs to scenes directly from your camera roll. NOTE: Do not edit your panoramic images after they have been exported to your device's Camera Roll. This deletes important metadata needed for use in the Visual Vocal system.

  • If you are rendering panoramic images from a 3D modeling software, the easiest course of action is to render and save the image on your machine and upload it directly to a scene in the web authoring portal.

Keep in mind that if you upload your images to a new Vv using the mobile app, you will only be able to place one Hotspot in each Scene, and you will not be able to add Variants to your Hotspots. After uploading images to the mobile app, we recommend transitioning to the web portal to add Hotspots, Variants, Teleporters and configure the overall organization of your Vv. For examples of effective Vv organization, see Organizing your Vv.

After you are satisfied with the overall organization of your Vv, we recommend switching back to the mobile app to add voice+gaze annotations to your Hotspots to give the Vv a more guided, human feel. For more information on adding annotations, see Voice+Gaze Annotations.