A Sandbox is an isolated workspace where you can privately author Vvs that can only be viewed by invited members of your organization. 

  • Access to the Sandbox project is controlled at the organization level. For more information on how to manage members of your organization, see User Roles and Permissions 

  • Vvs in the Sandbox can be published, but external collaborators cannot be added to the project and therefore cannot leave feedback. 

  • When a Vv is published in the Sandbox, it is assigned a Vv ID and can be viewed by external users if they have access to the Vv ID and additional security has not been added. For more information on securing Vv IDs, see Securing your Vv ID. 


Note that any Vv created in the Sandbox can be duplicated to another project where it can be edited, published, shared, collaborated on, etc.