My Workspace is a project that is automatically created for every new Visual Vocal user. It serves primarily as a playground for you to practice creating, editing and annotating Vvs. However, My Workspace behaves a little differently than typical Visual Vocal projects:

  • Vvs created in My Workspace cannot be published, though they can be edited on both the web authoring portal and the mobile app.

  • Because Vvs in My Workspace cannot be published, they cannot be shared with collaborators or used to host Synchronous Meetings. For more information on live meetings, see our article Hosting a Live Meeting.

  • And, since the Vvs in My Workspace are not published, you cannot use them to collect and voice+gaze feedback from collaborators.

However, any Vv created in My Workspace can be duplicated to another project where it can be edited, published, shared, collaborated on, etc.