Creating a V|V with the e-mail bot

The e-mail bot takes your captured images and automatically creates a V|V for you to work with. It works well with phone apps or cameras that let you take 360-degree images. 

  1. Open your email app of choice and create a new email. Make sure the email you are using is the one you registered to Visual Vocal with.
  2. Click on the paper clip symbol to attach a file. Your stereo image should appear under your camera roll. Select the image or images you wish to attach.
  3. Address the email to "".
  4. Fill the subject line of the email with what you would like your new V|V's title to be. You may optionally also fill the body of the email with what you would want in your V|V's description.
  5. Send the email and wait 1-2 minutes for your V|V to be created.
  6. Log into the Visual Vocal portal, and your new V|V should appear under "My Workspace".
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