Known Issues and Troubleshooting

V 1.0

Last Updated: December 19th, 2016

NOTE: We support the Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge web browsers. These browsers will also work on mobile (smartphones) for account signup. The Visual Vocal web portal is not yet mobile optimized, so you will need to use the portal on the desktop. 

Sign-up and user accounts

  • We do not currently offer the ability to delete a user account. If you need to delete an account, please contact us at . You can remove an account from a particular project but the user's credentials will remain within the Visual Vocal system.

Web Portal

  • We have found issues where various Chrome extensions adversely interact with the Visual Vocal web portal. If you are consistently experiencing performance issues on the web portal, we recommend disabling your browser extensions.
  • Here are the steps to get to your content for a Vv, to open the scenes and display hotspots:
    1. Click on the appropriate project in the left navigation pane.
    2. Click on "Vv" in the left navigation pane.
    3. Select the desired Vv in the central list area
    4. Click on "SCENES" in the left navigation pane.
      • Alternatively, you can select "Open" from the overflow menu at the top of the Details pane. 
    5. Expand the desired scene (if it's not already expanded) by clicking on the scene row (the row in the central list that has the scene name, expand/collapse cue, and scene thumbnail). 

Mobile VR app

  • If you have Rotation lock (also called Screen-rotation lock) turned on, on your device, the Visual Vocal mobile VR app may not run correctly. You will need to turn off rotation lock.
  • When you first run the Visual Vocal mobile VR app, it will ask to access your microphone. Not enabling the microphone will prevent you from making audio recordings. To re-enable the microphone, open the Settings feature on your phone (not within the Visual Vocal app) and search for microphone. You should then see a list of applications and their associated microphone access policies. Make sure to turn on the microphone for Visual Vocal.
  • For a detailed list of other issues that may occur with the Visual Vocal app, refer to the article, "Troubleshooting The Mobile VR Smartphone App."
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