What's the difference between placing and moving a hotspot or teleporter?

Applies to the V1 Release as of December 2017

"Placing" is the act of assigning an initial location to a hotspot (or teleporter). 

"Moving" is the act of changing the location of a hotspot (or teleporter).

When you first create a hotspot it is merely a collection of images and associated text descriptions. The hotspot is used to present design variations that are relevant to the imagery shown in the current scene. To make a hotspot visible and selectable to an end-user in the mobile VR app, you have to first assign a location. To assign this initial location, you have to click on the "Place" button next to the hotspot in the web portal. Once you have assigned a location, end-users will see a visual cue (an icon) floating at an assigned location in the VR space. Selecting that hotspot will open the hotspot to display its associated design variations.

If you need to change the location of that hotspot, if for instance a hotspot that presents questions about window treatments was accidentally placed over a stairwell, click the "Move" button in the web portal.

The same goes for placing and moving teleporters although teleporters are used to move and end-user from scene to scene. If the first scene a user finds themselves in is the entryway of a building, a teleporter on an interior door might then take the end-user into a conference room. These teleporters allow end-users to "hop" around a large 3D space: sometimes from one adjacent space to another and sometimes to a more distant context.

The Place and Move buttons are found next to the rows that correspond to each hotspot and teleporter in the web portal, as shown in the next annotated screenshot:

When the "Place" or "Move" buttons are clicked, a lightbox opens that allows a Project Owner or creator to specify and/or change the location of a hotspot or teleporter within a scene:

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