How do I change permissions for a user?

As a project evolves over time you may want to change both who gets to interact with a new Vv and in what ways different people get to interact. To change the permissions for a particular user do the following:

  1. In the web portal select the project within which the particular user account exists.
    1. NOTE: you might create multiple entries for the same person but within different projects and that person can have different levels of permissions within different projects.
  2. Click on the "People" sub-heading of your project.
  3. Select the desired person from the list of people in the main list view by clicking on their email address.
  4. In the Details pane, use the permissions drop-down to select a different permission level. The changes will be auto-saved.

NOTE: Changes in permissions levels will only apply to Vvs created after the change in permission level, not to existing Vvs.


For information about the different permissions levels refer to the article on User Permissions.

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