How do I link one Scene to another Scene?

Scenes are locations in a virtual space and your end-users need an easy way to get from one location to another. Much like creating hyperlinks when editing HTML, the Visual Vocal Web Portal lets you create links from one Scene to another. We allow you to create a visual button, called a Teleporter, that when selected in the VR app, initiates a change in location from one Scene to another.

Here are the steps for creating links between Scenes, with the understanding that you have already created a few Scenes:

  1. In the Web Portal, select a Scene.
  2. Expand that Scene by clicking on the expand icon to the left of the Scene image.
  3. Below the Scene you will see a list of Hotspots (if any have been created) and a section called "Available Teleporters".
    • Each Teleporter represents a potential link to another Scene. If you have created four Scenes, you will see three Teleporters listed within each Scene.
  4. Click on the "Place" button next to the Teleporter associated with the Scene you want to link to.
    • NOTE: This button will change to say "Move" if you have previously placed the Teleporter in the current Scene.
  5. The overall web interface will be replaced with what we term a "lightbox", which gives you a nearly full screen view of the main image for the current Scene.
  6. As you move your cursor around the image, a set of cross-hairs (vertical and horizontal lines) move with the cursor.
  7. Click anywhere in the image and you have now placed the Teleporter.
  8. Click the close button (represented by an "X") and you will be returned to the Scenes list.

For a reminder of where these interface elements are in the Web Portal, refer to Web Portal: Scenes And Hotspots.

When the end-user visits this Scene in VR, they will see a Teleporter cue that can be selected. When the end-user selects this cue, their location will shift to the linked Scene.

For a preview of what Teleporters look like to an end-user, refer to Mobile: Hotspots And Teleporters.

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