How many images can I have in a Vv?

We currently limit the number of images that you can upload in a Vv to 16. We set this limit to ensure that end-users do not have to wait a long time to download a Vv, that a Vv does not take up too much space on a user's smartphone, and so that users do not accidentally incur unwanted data download charges. When downloading a Vv, we'd like the experience to be akin to downloading a music album -- not something so large that one couldn't do it while waiting for a flight.

We have also observed that sometimes the best stories are told with the fewest words. Or put another way, when trying to get crisp and timely feedback on design variations, it is best to share smaller, more targeted sets of questions.

You can check on how many total images you've uploaded by looking at the "Image Count" bar at the bottom of the scene list for a selected Vv:

The filled rectangles represent images that you've already uploaded. When all the rectangles are filled, you've used up the available slots.

We also find that having a simpler Vv, with fewer scenes, can help end-users stay focused on your key messages. We suggest you take the time to make a shorter, more concise Vv, that best frames a small number design decisions.

"I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had time to make it shorter." --Blaise Pascal

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