How do I upload images?

There are only a few steps needed to upload a panorama (also called a photosphere) into the Visual Vocal system. Here are the different contexts in which you might want to upload an image:

SCENE The primary panorama for a given location in your design
VARIATION A design variation for a particular location
TELEPORTER A snapshot of the location a Teleporter will take you to

The steps are essentially the same, no matter the context:

  1. In the Web Portal, navigate so that you see your desired context listed
    • For example, to see a list of Variations, select a Project, then a Vv, then the containing Scene, and finally expand that Scene. Within the Scene you will see a list of Hotspots and for each Hotspot there will be a list of Variation slots.
  2. Select the specific context that needs an image or for which you want to upload a new image.
    • For example, in the list of Variation slots, click on one particular Variation.
  3. In your file browser ("Windows Explorer" in Windows and "Finder" on Mac) navigate to the location that contains your images.
  4. Drag an image from your file browser onto the image slot in the Details pane of the Web Portal.
  5. Depending on the size of your image it may take a few seconds to fully upload. 

Clicking on any image placeholder within a scene will cause a File Open dialog to appear. Navigate to where your panoramas are located, select the file, and then click the “Open” button. You can also directly drag an image from a File Browser onto most image placeholders.

If you have already uploaded an image to a particular slot, such as the scene image or a variation within a hotspot, you can still change that image. Just drag, from your file system, a different image on top of the already populated image slot within the Details pane.

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