What are the different user roles?

There are several different roles a person can have in a Visual Vocal project, each with different levels of permissions:

PROJECT OWNER The person can create V|Vs, create voice+gaze tours, and invite new people to a V|V
VIEWER The person can view V|Vs but not provide any feedback
PARTICIPANT The person can vote on V|Vs
STAKEHOLDER The person can vote on V|Vs and is able to provide voice+gaze feedback
INACTIVE The person will not appear in any newly created V|Vs

A project owner can choose to change a user's permission level as the needs of a project change. The role that is set for a user carries forward for all subsequently created V|Vs. Here is how this works in practice for one particular end-user in a typical scenario:

  1. Within a project, a new V|V is created but not yet published.
  2. A person is added to the project and given an end-user role of "participant."
  3. When the new V|V is published, the end-user has the role of participant for the lifespan of the newly published V|V
  4. The project owner changes the role of the end-user from participant to viewer.
  5. A new V|V, in the same project is created and then published.
    • For the new V|V, the end-user has a role of viewer. 
    • For the previous V|V, the end-user still has a role of participant.

For more information about user management, refer to the article: Understanding How End-Users, Invites, And Publishing Fit Together.

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