How do I submit my feedback in a Vv?

If the Project Owner has granted you sufficient permissions to the current Vv you will be able to submit feedback. Please refer to the Permissions page for details on the different levels of permissions.

After visiting all the hotspots in a Vv you can submit your feedback (assuming you have been granted permission to submit feedback). To do this, shift your gaze slightly downward and you should see a several buttons:

Tap the Send button and your feedback will be sent to the Project Owner. After your data has uploaded to the Visual Vocal servers you will be returned to where you were when you initiated the upload.

If there is a problem with uploading, such as network failure, we will show you a warning and give you the opportunity to try uploading again:

Amidst gazing at new architectural details it may be easy to miss all of the hotspots. That's we will let you know, before submitting your feedback, how much of the current Vv you actually weighed in on. This gives you the chance to take one last look around and make sure your voice is heard.

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