How do I sign up for a Visual Vocal account?

There are a few steps that happen along to way to getting setup with a Visual Vocal account. We take these steps to ensure an enterprise level of security, especially considering that some of your project may be of a sensitive nature.

Here are the steps to getting into the Visual Vocal system:

  1. A project owner will add your email address to the Visual Vocal system.
    • You can not invite yourself into the Visual Vocal system and you can not signup without first being invited by a project owner.
    • NOTE: If you have not received an invite, you should check with the project owner in your organization to make sure that they have invited you, using your proper work email address.
  2. You will receive an email that invites you to create an account in the Visual Vocal system. 
    • IMG_4188.png
    • NOTE: We recommend you initiate and complete the signup process while on your smartphone so that you can also install the Visual Vocal mobile VR app during the same session.
    • If you don't see this email you might want to look in other folders in your email system.
  3. You must then click on the "Complete Vv Signup" link in the email in order to proceed. 
  4. When you click on that link, you will be taken to a web page that asks you to sign up.
  5. Use the same email address to which you received the initial invite into the Visual Vocal system.
    • NOTE: Signup for the Visual Vocal service will not work if you don't use that same invite email
  6. Create a password for your Visual Vocal account. We suggest using a strong password.
  7. Click the "go" arrow button at the bottom of the signup page.
  8. You will be taken to a web page where you are asked to confirm your information and agree to the Visual Vocal terms of service.
    • Make sure to select the type of phone you will be using.
  9. After clicking "Signup", you will be taken to a page that presents links to download the Visual Vocal mobile VR app.
    • IMG_4197.png
    • NOTE: These app install links will only work if you click on them while viewing this web page on your smartphone.
  10. Clicking on the appropriate app install link, while on your smartphone, will take you to the correct app store location:
    •  (Apple IOS App store)
  11. If you are not a project owner then there is no reason to click on the "Get Started" link. If you are a project owner and click on the "Get Started" link, while browsing on your smartphone, you'll receive a web page that informs you that the web portal is only usable on desktop: 
    • IMG_4199.png
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