How do I see feedback that my users have submitted?

You will be able to view and understand user feedback for a Vv, provided you are a Project Owner for the Vv in question:

Browse feedback from individual users:

  1. In the Visual Vocal mobile VR client open the desired Vv from the "My Vvs" list.
  2. Open a hotspot by centering and holding your gaze on it.
    • The "reticle" at the center of the view indicates where you are looking
    • An open hotspot is indicated by a large rectangle with several buttons and text areas next to it.
  3. Select the second-from-the-left tab, the "Stakeholders tab" from the tabs at the top of the open hotspot.
  4. If there are more user boxes than can easily fit on one time in the display, "Next" and "Previous" buttons will allow you to page through the set of users.


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