What do all the icons and symbols mean?

Here they are, in all their glory. If you want to see what these actually look like within the various Visual Vocal services, please check out the article Quick Reference Guides: Mobile App.

HOTSPOT Hotspots allows you to access options and variations for a particular location in a scene.
TELEPORTER Teleporters take you to different scenes.
RETICLE Your Reticle is at the center of your view. It indicates what you are looking at. Hold this central region over buttons to select them.
HOTSPOT OFF-SCREEN There is a hotspot off-screen, that you can find if you shift your gaze to the right.
TELEPORTER OFF-SCREEN There is a teleporter off-screen, that you can find if you shift your gaze to the right.
CREATOR RETICLE If there are voice+gaze recordings for the selected hotspot, this cue will show you where the Project Owner is looking during playback.
CLOSE Select the Close button to close the currently open hotspot and return to viewing the overall scene.
PLAY When present, this will play back voice notes and gaze from the Project Owner.
RECORD You can record your own feedback by selecting the Record button.
STOP End playback or recording by selecting the Stop button.
REWIND Quickly revisit the last few seconds of your recording by selecting the rewind button.
VARIATIONS SUMMARY Selecting the Variations tab for a hotspot will display a summary of feedback.
STAKEHOLDERS LIST Selecting the Stakeholders tab for a hotspot will display a list of feedback from each individual.
SHARE You can email a spreadsheet of feedback data to yourself for use in other analysis tools.
RE-RECORD This lets you record over an existing hotspot voice+gaze recording.

There is also a a handy-dandy single image version  and PDF of all these icons suitable for printing or studying before a test.

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