Teleporting from one Scene to another

There may actually be more than one scene than the first one you are presented with. One of the superpowers of Visual Vocal is that with it, a design leader can take visitors on a tour of multiple locations, viewpoints, or even representations of the same location.

When looking at a panorama (also called a photosphere) you will see visual cues (icons) that indicate the location of Teleporters.


Hover your reticle (the visual cue at the center of your view that indicates what you are looking at) over the teleporter icon. Holding your gaze on the teleporter long enough for the edge animation to complete will cause your view to shift to a different scene. If all goes right, after a very short pause, you will find yourself within a new scene, looking at a new panoramic image. In this new scene you should also find a Teleporter to take you back to your original location.

If the teleporter is not directly in view, say it's behind you, we conveniently put a teleporter icon on the edge of the screen. We call the collection of edge cues the "Peripheral Radar." Cues in the Peripheral Radar indicate the direction in which you need to shift your view so that you can center your gaze on the desired teleporter.



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