The different phases of a Vv

  • Create: Creating a Vv is a web-based process reminiscent of creating an email. It generates a draft template to be composed, over time, by a project owner.
  • Edit: Staging a Vv is the web-based process of uploading photospheres, choreographing their placement along with hotspots and teleporters, producing an end-to-end flow for users.
  • Annotate: Annotating a Vv is the phone-based process of adding voice and synchronized gaze to hotspots to guide users through a presentation of variations.
  • Publish: Publishing is the web-based process similar to sending an email that serves as the final approval of a Vv that distributes it to all users for viewing and feedback.
  • Synthesize: Synthesizing a Vv is a mobile-based process that allows project owners to see the progress of – and final results of – a Vv by listening to user-provided voice feedback.
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