How do I invite new people to a V|V or a project?

To add a new person to a new V|V you actually have to add that person to the project within which the V|V the V|V has been created.

  1. Open the Visual Vocal web portal
  2. Click on the name of your project in the left Navigation pane
  3. Click on the PEOPLE item in the left Navigation pane
  4. Click on the “+ Add Someone” button above the list of people already in your project
  5. In the Details pane, enter the email address of a person to add
  6. Fill in other relevant information for the new users
    • NOTE: choose the person's role carefully as this will determine what kind of experience they will have. For more information on what each role does, refer to the article: What Are The Different User Roles?
  7. Click on the “Invite” button at the top of the Details pane
  8. The person you are inviting should soon receive the appropriate invite emails. It’s not a bad idea to check up with them if you don’t see them as “ACCEPTED”

NOTE: if you are inviting multiple people you will have to run through these steps multiple times as we currently only support inviting one person at a time.

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