How is content organized in Visual Vocal?

Generally, projects will already be created for you by the Visual Vocal team. Once you have the necessary projects created, you can create as many Vvs (online VR based design questionnaires) as you need. Each Vv can have different content or the same content presented in slightly different ways. End-users (stakeholders and viewers) can be invited both to projects and to Vvs. A Vv itself, is divided up into multiple scenes. Each scene generally corresponds to a location in either physical or virtual space, a location from which an immersive environment is viewed from. We then allow you to place references to design questions at various locations within each scene. These are referred to as hotspots. Within a hotspot there are several variations. Each variation corresponds to a different design choice. A scene has a panoramic image associated with it as can each variation within a hotspot.


For definitions of these terms, refer to the Glossary.

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