What is Visual Vocal?

Visual Vocal ties together data, media, and first-hand impressions to help distributed teams ask each other difficult questions, gather feedback, and ultimately make informed strategy decisions that improve subsequent communications. Visual Vocal is a combination smartphone application and back-end web service. 360° stereo images are collected from a variety of sources and uploaded to our secure server. Via a web interface, a project leader annotates and organizes the images to tell a story and set the stage for key questions. The set of questions can be presented as text or additional visual variants of the key images. Project members, distributed around the world, can quickly open, step in, and record feedback on an immersive set of questions. The Visual Vocal experience is rendered on common smartphones and uses commodity VR lens attachments to let project members jump into the decision making process wherever they are, without needing high-end equipment or controlled environments. As project members submit their feedback, the Project Owner gets notifications and can review the feedback on their own smartphone. As a project evolves, new content and questions are sent out to an evolving list of invitees.

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