How do I view and interact with a Vv for the first time?

So you've received an invitation to participate in a Vv. What now?

For an intro to the overall Visual Vocal system, take a look at our intro video on YouTube: 

Here are the steps you need to take to fully immerse yourself in the Vv:

  1. Signup for an account: How Do I Sign Up For A Visual Vocal Account?
  2. Install the Visual Vocal app: How Do I Install The Visual Vocal App?
  3. Run the app and login with your new account credentials: How Do I Login To The Visual Vocal Mobile VR Smartphone App?
    • Make sure your phone is in portrait (vertical) mode.
  4. Tap on "My Vvs" or enter a Vv ID
    • IMG_1027.PNG
  5. In "My Vvs", scroll through the list till you find the Vv you are interested in experiencing.
  6. Tap on the download button within the entry for the desired Vv.
    • 12_17_2.png
    • During download, you will see the download button fill up: 12_17_3.png
  7. Tap on the "Open" button within the Vv entry.
    • 12_17_4.png
  8. You will be brought into the VR view, in landscape (horizontal).
  9. Snap your VR viewer onto the phone: Configuring The Visual Vocal App For The Homido VR Viewer
  10. You will see some symbols in the 3D scene.
    • 12_17_5.png
  11. While holding the phone (probably with both hands), move your head so that the view changes and look at the rotating square, called a "hotspot."
    • 12_17_6.png
  12. If you hold your gaze on the hotspot, a set of options, called "variations" will open. Hold your gaze on each listed option to change the visual options in the current view.
    • 12_17_7.png
  13. Move your gaze by moving your head so that you look at the diamond symbol.
    • 12_17_9.png
  14. When you hold your gaze on the diamond, you will be teleported into a different scene. Within this new scene, you can also open the hotspot and record feedback.
    • 12_17_10.png
  15. After recording, you can then submit your feedback to the project owners by holding your gaze on the "Submit Responses" button.
    • 12_17_11.png
  16. To look at other Vvs, click on the "x" in the top-left corner of your view:
    • 12_17_12.png
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