How do I view and interact with a Vv for the first time?

So you've received an invitation to participate in a Vv. What now?

For an intro to the overall Visual Vocal system, take a look at our intro video on YouTube: 

Here are the steps you need to take to fully immerse yourself in the Vv:

  1. Signup for an account: How Do I Sign Up For A Visual Vocal Account?
  2. Install the Visual Vocal app: How Do I Install The Visual Vocal App?
  3. Run the app and login with your new account credentials: How Do I Login To The Visual Vocal Mobile VR Smartphone App?
    • Make sure your phone is in portrait (vertical) mode.
  4. Tap on "My Vvs"
    • 12_17_1.png
  5. Scroll through the list till you find the Vv you are interested in experiencing.
  6. Tap on the download button within the entry for the desired Vv.
    • 12_17_2.png
    • During download, you will see the download button fill up: 12_17_3.png
  7. Tap on the "Open" button within the Vv entry.
    • 12_17_4.png
  8. You will be brought into the VR view, in landscape (horizontal).
  9. Snap your VR viewer onto the phone: Configuring The Visual Vocal App For The Homido VR Viewer
  10. You will see some symbols in the 3D scene.
    • 12_17_5.png
  11. While holding the phone (probably with both hands), move your head so that the view changes and look at the rotating square, called a "hotspot."
    • 12_17_6.png
  12. If you hold your gaze on the hotspot, a set of options, called "variations" will open. Hold your gaze on each listed option to change the visual options in the current view.
    • 12_17_7.png
  13. Move your gaze by moving your head so that you look at the diamond symbol.
    • 12_17_9.png
  14. When you hold your gaze on the diamond, you will be teleported into a different scene. Within this new scene, you can also open the hotspot and record feedback.
    • 12_17_10.png
  15. After recording, you can then submit your feedback to the project owners by holding your gaze on the "Submit Responses" button.
    • 12_17_11.png
  16. To look at other Vvs, click on the "x" in the top-left corner of your view:
    • 12_17_12.png
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