How do I change a user's role?

As projects evolve you may find that you want to change to what degree different end-users can offer feedback on particular V|Vs.

As a reminder, the different end-user roles are:

VIEWER The person can view V|Vs but not provide any feedback
PARTICIPANT The person can vote on V|Vs
STAKEHOLDER The person can vote on V|Vs and is able to provide voice+gaze feedback

To change a user's role, do the following:

  1. Open the relevant project.
  2. Select the People sub-heading under the project:
    • 2_18_1.PNG
  3. In the main list which now shows the list of people who are members of the project, select a particular user by hoovering over their name and clicking the "Edit" button to the left of their name:
    • 2_18_2.PNG
  4. In the dialog box that appears, click on the "role" drop-down menu and select the new desired role:
    • 2_18_3.PNG

NOTE: end-user roles affect only V|Vs that have not yet been published. For example, if an end-user is viewer on a published V|V and then their role is changed to participant, they will still be a viewer for the already published V|V. Their new role of participant will only be relevant for V|Vs that are published after the role change.

For more information about user management, refer to the article: Understanding How End-Users, Invites, And Publishing Fit Together.

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