How do I create a hotspot?

A hotspot is a container that allows end users to switch between different visual variations for a particular scene. A hotspot can be used in a multitude of ways:

  • show different geometric configurations of an interior, such as different locations for a stairwell
  • show different overlay information such as walking traffic or energy usage
  • show different representations such as see-through, electrical systems, or just walls

To create a hotspot

  1. Open a Vv
  2. select a scene
  3. Click the "+ Add Hotspot" below the image for the selected scene
  4. A hotspot with the first variation already filled in will be created:
    • The first variation is automatically assigned to be the same as the scene image. The image for the first variation can not directly be changed
  5. Click on the the hotspot button, in this case labeled "H1"
  6. In the Details pane, give the hotspot a brief description.
  7. Select each variation (including the first pre-populated slot) and give them short distinguishing descriptions.
  8. Select each variation and assign an image to that slot by clicking on the "click to upload" text link in the Details pane. You can also drag an image from the file system onto the image slot in the Details pane.
  9. Continue picking images for all desired variations and entering in short text descriptions.
  10. Assign the hotspot a location within the scene by:
    1. Click the "Place" button directly under the hotspot selection button
    2. The lightbox opens to aid in placing hotspots
    3. Click on the desired location for the hotspot within the scene:
      • NOTE: in general it is best if the hotspot is fairly near the horizon. Hotspots that are far above or below the horizon are less likely to be seen by end-users and are harder to activate since they require extreme head and neck postures.

Any scene can have several hotspots. Have fun trying out new usages for hotspots.

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