How do I place a teleporter or hotspot?

A teleporter is a link between one scene and another. A hotspot is a point in scene that lets an end-user access different visual variations of that scene.

In order to move from one scene to another ("teleporting") a teleporter has to be assigned a location within a scene. For example, there might be a scene that shows a view from right outside the main entrance of an office building and another scene that shows the view from within the lobby. To maintain geometric consistency, the teleporter to take the end-user from the exterior scene to the interior scene should be placed "on top of" the portion of the exterior scene that shows the entrance. And likewise, within the interior lobby scene, the teleporter to take the end-user back to the outside would best be placed "on top of" the doorway that leads outside.

To place teleporters that have not yet been assigned locations:

  1. Select a scene.
  2. Below the scene are a list of teleporters, each corresponding to another scene in the Vv.
  3. Scenes that have not yet been assigned a location have a button under their selection button that says, "Place."
  4. Click the "Place" button and the Lightbox editor opens.
  5. Click on the desired location within the "From" scene image to assign a location for the teleporter.
    • The "To" scene, the scene that the teleporter will take you to is shown next to the scene image to aid in understanding the spatial relationship between the two different scenes.
    • If there are multiple teleporters (each representing one scene), each teleporter can be placed or moved from within this same Lightbox editor.
  6. If after placing every teleporter you create a new scene, a new "unplaced" teleporter will appear within each scene. You then have the opportunity to place these new teleporters.

There may be times when you do not want to place a teleporter within a particular scene. It doesn't always make sense to go from every scene to every other scene. In general, the few navigation choices, the better. 

NOTE: Teleporters and hotspots that are not assigned locations within a scene will not show up for end-users when they open that scene from within the Visual Vocal mobile VR app.

To place a hotspot, utilize the same procedure as that listed for teleporters.


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