How do I create a scene?

A scene is a location that you want your end-users to visit. The imagery that shows off your scene can be rendered from data created in a CAD application or captured from the real-world using a 360 camera application or dedicated device. Within a scene there can be hotspots that present design variations of the same location to your end-users.

To create a scene:

  1. Open the Visual Vocal web portal ( and login.
    • NOTE: you have to be a Project Owner for the project and Vv from within which you want to create a scene.
  2. Click on the project which contains the new Vv.
  3. Under your project name you will now see three sub-headings: "My Vvs", "Project Details", and "People".
    • 2_18_1.PNG
  4. Click on "My Vvs". You will see your existing Vvs on tiles.
  5. To then open a Vv, select its tile and then click on the "Scenes" tab.
    • 2_18_2.PNG
  6. Click on the "+ Add Scene" button on the right side of your screen.
    • 2_18_3.PNG
  7. When you want to add additional scenes, you can either click the same "+ Add Scene" button above the Main list or click the "+ Add Scene" button at the bottom of the scenes list:
    • 2_18_4.PNG

You can now add content in the form of images and textual descriptions to your scenes.

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