How do I create a Vv?

A Vv is a collection of rendered or captured scenes that are arranged to tell a design story. End-users can immersively view and interact with this content on the smartphones via the Visual Vocal mobile VR app.

Each time a design professional seeks to solicit design feedback, a new Vv will be sent out to a set of end-users.

To create a Vv:

  1. Open the Visual Vocal web portal ( and login.
    • NOTE: you have to be a Project Owner for the project within which you want to create a Vv.
  2. Click on the project which will contain the new Vv.
  3. On the top-left corner of your screen, you will now see three sub-headings: "My Vvs", "Project Details", and "People".
    • 2_18_1.PNG
  4. Click on "My Vvs".
  5. In the main list you may or may not see existing Vvs, depending on what has already been created in the project.
  6. Click on the "+ New Vv" button on the right side of your screen.
    • 2_18_2.PNG
  7. A details pane will slide open.
    • 2_18_3.PNG
  8. Within the details pane enter the name and description of the new Vv.
    • If, over time, you anticipate creating several Vvs that show different stages of a design, you might consider making the name of the Vv reflect the current stage, such as "SD" (schematic design), "DD" (detailed design), and "CD" (construction design). These are just suggestions and you will develop your own naming conventions over time.
  9. After a short processing cycle, an entry for your new Vv will appear under the "My Vvs" tab of your new project. To then open this Vv, click on its tile.
    • 2_18_4.PNG

You can now create scenes with associated imagery and hotspots!

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