Creating audio annotations and tours of a Vv

Part of the power of a Visual Vocal interactive experience is that content creators and record voice, gaze, and interaction annotations of a scene in a Vv. These annotations serve to:

  • give warmer, human feel to the panoramic content
  • guide end-users as to what aspects of a design to pay attention to

When a recording is made within the context of a hotspot, the following is added as an annotation:

  • the content creator's voice,
  • where the content creator is looking, indicated via a colored reticle that follows the creator's gaze
  • interactions the content creator makes, such as selecting different variations within a hotspot

The steps to make a rich annotation are:

  1. Make sure, from the web portal (, that your Vv is in "Annotate" mode. More information on the various phases for a Vv is available in the articles, "How Do I Publish A Vv (Design Questionnaire)?" and "Vvs".
  2. Proceed to your mobile device and start the Visual Vocal mobile VR application
  3. Open the desired Vv
  4. Navigate to the hotspot for which you want to create an annotation
  5. Open the hotspot by keeping your gaze on the square icon associated with the hotspot
  6. Once the hotspot opens, activate the "Record" button (red circle)
  7. While the recording is being made, tell your intended audience what aspects of the content merit attention
  8. Move your gaze around slowly to draw the end-users to look at particular aspects
  9. Activate different variations
  10. When you are done making your recording, turn off the recording mode by again keeping your gaze on the Record button.
  11. You have to then upload your annotations to the Visual Vocal server by activating the "Upload Annotations" button located near the bottom of your display

NOTE: If you duplicate a Vv via the web portal, any recorded annotations are not copied over to the new copy of the Vv.

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