Visual Vocal app microphone and camera permissions

For the Visual Vocal smartphone VR app to operate with its full complement of features you will need to grant the app access to your microphone and camera.

Here's why:

  • Microphone:
    • The Visual Vocal app can record your audio feedback on published Vvs to which you are a stakeholder.
    • The Visual Vocal app can record audio annotations for a new Vv if you are designated as a project owner.
    • To join a Vv Meeting via receiving a Rapid Pairing audio ID your phone will need to have its microphone listening.
  • Camera:
    • To calibrate the Visual Vocal app to different VR viewers, the app needs access to your phone's camera. This allows your phone to read QR codes that set the viewing parameters particular to different VR viewer models.

Changing microphone and camera permissions

The method for changing app permissions varies from device to device. In general,

  1. Open the settings app or page on your phone (Android or IOS)
  2. Search for the Visual Vocal app in the list of installed applications
  3. Open the entry for Visual Vocal
  4. Change the desired settings for the Visual Vocal app
    • IOS:
    • Android (Nexus): 
  5. Restart the Visual Vocal app
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