I've been invited but I can't see the Vv in the smartphone app.

If you are not a project owner for the project associated with a Vv, you will not be able to view or interact with that Vv until the Vv is published. If you have been invited as a stakeholder or viewer you get access to a Vv once it is published. These three roles are typically used for end users such as clients or customers who will access the end result, the Vv, but do not engage in actual authoring tasks. Users who have roles of stakeholder or viewer can only view and interact with a Vv once the Vv is published – at which point the Vv will show up in the Visual Vocal smartphone app.

For folks who are actually engaged in authoring, we have the role of “Project Owner.” Project Owners can see and edit Vvs while they are in the Edit and Annotate phases.

  • More information on roles is available in the article, "What Are The Different Kinds Of Users?"
  • More information on the different phases of a Vv (Edit, Annotate, and Published) is avaiable in the article, "Vvs"
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