I've been invited but I can't see the V|V in the smartphone app.

If you are not a project owner for the project associated with a V|V, you will not be able to view or interact with that V|V until the V|V is published. If you have been invited as a stakeholder, participant, or viewer you get access to a V|V once it is published. These three roles are typically used for end users such as clients or customers who will access the end result, the “V|V” but do not engage in actual authoring tasks. Users who have roles of stakeholder, participant, or viewer can only view and interact with a V|V once the V|V is published – at which point the V|V will show up in the Visual Vocal smartphone app.

For folks who are actually engaged in authoring, we have the role of “Project Owner.” Project Owners can see and edit V|Vs while they are in the Edit and Annotate phases.

  • More information on roles is available in the article, "What Are The Different Kinds Of Users?"
  • More information on the different phases of a V|V (Edit, Annotate, and Published) is avaiable in the article, "V|Vs"
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