How do I change which scene shows up first?


Click on the house icon next to a scene


The order of scenes as presented in the web portal is essentially arbitrary because all scenes can be connected, via teleporters, to all other teleporters. This is in contrast to linear media presentation tools such as PowerPoint, where the order of slides is very important. If you, as a content creator, appropriately create and place teleporters, end-users of your Vv can navigate to any scene from any scene in any order.

That said, when the a Vv is first displayed in the Visual Vocal mobile VR app there is a scene that people will see first. We sometimes call this the primary or "home" scene. In the web portal, this scene is shown as the first scene in the list of scenes and has a filled "Home" icon next to it. To designate a particular scene as the primary scene, just click on the "Home" icon next to the scene. Here you can see that editing sequence:

  • About to click on "Home" icon:
  • And after clicking on the home icon, scenes have been rearranged:
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